We raid on Turalyon-US. We like cheese, bacon, and zombies. But I'll be honest with you – I don't remember why we like zombies?

Finally downed the Eyeball of Insidious Doom, 5/7M…thank you all!

Last night, after quite a few wipes, we downed Il’gynoth on mythic difficulty.   This was a trying fight for us.  Since just before holiday’s hit, we had a few key raiders stop raiding, either entirely or to move on to another guild.  It was hard on us.  We’ve been recruiting, and recruiting is hard.  Last night we went in with 19 people for most of the night.  We struggled, and we worked through new people learning the fight and old people trying to be patient.  With 20, toward the end of the night, at 11:29 PM, with 1 minute to go until the official end of raid, we did it.  We killed the boss.

Many thanks to Allorah, for stepping up and helping out with recruitment, and bringing in new recruits.

Many thanks to Ardria, who no longer regularly raids with us but made himself available to come if we were short.

Many thanks to Artemida’s ISP for finally cooperating and letting him on toward the end of the night so we could have 20 people inside.

I’m sad, and the feeling is bittersweet, that we didn’t manage 7/7M before Nighthold opens.  But I’m especially happy that we pulled off our kill last night.  This probably accounts for why I’ve rambled on so much.

Thanks, y’all. <3

Wandappy Wandappy • January 12, 2017

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