We raid on Turalyon-US. We like cheese, bacon, and zombies. But I'll be honest with you – I don't remember why we like zombies?


Guild Policies

Guild Ranks

  • Officer – Officers run the guild.  Some have specific responsibilities (i.e. Frumptank is our raid leader, Golden is our resident AH addict), but we collectively decide things for the guild.
  • Veteran – Seriously long-term members who have put in years of time with us.
  • Raider – If you raid with us regularly, you are considered a Raider.  Raiders are given priority on invites over any ranks below.
  • Member – Anyone else!
  • Moist – You know what you did.
  • Mailroom – Newly-invited, non-sorted guild members.

With the removal of the Cash Flow guild perk in 6.0, our guild bank started losing money at a depressing rate.  As a result, only members at Raider rank or above will get guild repairs.  Money going into the guild bank now is mostly the result of guild-organized activity by Raiders+.  If this changes in the future, we’ll re-adjust.

Raid Information (updated 10/12/16)

  • Dates:  Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Time:  8:30 PM – 11:30 PM EST

Raids will start at 8:30 PM EST.  Due to the current crazy cost of herbs/food, only flasks will be supplied.  Logs from our raids can be found here.

Loot Policy  (updated 10/12/16)

We utilize a DKP system for loot priority. This way regular raiders who put in the time on progression will get priority over more casual players who only come in occasionally to raid with us on the more choice/hard-to-obtain drops. DKP is accrued at a rate of 5 per hour, with a 2 DKP on-time bonus (for those in/right outside the raid instance at 8:30 PM on the dot). On progression nights where nothing is downed, we will double DKP earned for the night for those who stay with us to the bitter end.

DKP Addon
To manage loot distribution, Officers (Wandappy and Golden) run a configured DKP addon.  No one else needs to run this addon.   Bidding will be called for each item via raid warning notice.  Bids need to be whispered to the appropriate loot master (generally Wandappy).  If your bid has been received, you will get a reply of “QDKP > Bet received.”  If you do not get that reply, your bid was probably coded wrong.  The following codes are accepted:

  • “ms 42” or “42 ms” or “42” – all count as a main spec bid of 42 DKP
  • “os 5” or “5 os” – counts as an off spec bid of 5 DKP
  • “max” or “all” – bid all your DKP!  ALL OF THE DKP!
  • “min” – this will numerically count as 5 DKP, but you can bid “min” even if you have zero or negative DKP

Priority on Drops: Main Spec > Off Spec > Transmog
When you send your bid to the master looter, please include one of the codes (MS, OS, TM) when you do so. This will let the ML know how the item will benefit you. Our goal is raiding, and we prefer drops to be allocated to maximize our raiding output. Please be considerate of other raiders with your bids.

  • Main Spec (MS) – This would be a drop that is an upgrade to your main spec in our raids. The amount of your bid should reflect whether it is a major or minor upgrade. If it is a major upgrade, bid high! If it’s minor, bid low. It is at your discretion to determine what you consider a high or low upgrade to be.
  • Off Spec (OS) – It’s handy to be able to get loot for a second spec to use. But as our focus is to prioritize our raids, offspec upgrades will come behind MS/RR bids. OS bids are also limited to a max of 10.
  • Transmog (TM) – OH SO PRETTY, I WANT IT! That’s great! You won’t get it over someone for whom it is an upgrade, but you are otherwise welcome to it.


  • Raider A bids 75 MS, Raider B bids min MS – Raider A wins the item for 6 DKP. (all MS, 2nd highest MS +1)
  • Raider A bids 5 MS, Raider C bids 10 OS – Raider A wins the item for 5 DKP. (MS > OS)
  • Raider A bids 10 OS, Raider B bids 8 OS, Raider C bids 10 TM – Raider A wins the item for 9 DKP. ( OS > TM)

Collusion on Bids – We are 100% against it. You choose how you want to spend your DKP for yourself. You are not allowed to consult with others to rig bids, nor are you allowed to bid on loot for others. If you choose to collude, some sort of punishment will be at the officer’s discretion. Consequences will entail monitoring all bids, and possibly not receiving loot for a flexible number of bids.

DKP Decay – Real life happens, and we get that. But at the same time, it is unfair to regular raiders to have someone suddenly appear with gobs of DKP and clean up in a brand-new tier. To prevent this, if you do not raid for 1 month, your DKP will be reset to zero.

If there are any disputes on loot, contact an officer. They will discuss it and come to a decision. All decisions by officers are final.

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