Guild Policies

Note:  This is an ongoing work in progress because our old page was removed in THE PURGE OF PURGES and I’m trying to recreate it from memory.  /fail  (Last updated 5/5/18)

Loot Policies

**As per changes for BfA, all loot will go to personal loot.  This will be valid throughout the rest of Legion, however.

We use a modified DKP system.  Officers run an addon that helps expedite the looting process.  DKP is accrued by time spent in raid, 5 DKP per hour.  An additional 2 DKP is awarded for those online and in raid by 8:30 PM (raid start).  If an entire raid is spent pushing progression but no bosses are killed, double DKP (30) will be awarded to the raid at the discretion of the officers (because wipe nights tend to suck).

Bidding on loot is somewhat straightforward.  All loot will individually be linked in raid warning chat with a solicitation for bids.  When loot you want is linked, message your bid to the loot master.  Your bid needs to be in one of the following formats for the addon to recognize it:

  • number + ms (i.e. 32 ms, meaning you are bidding 32 DKP for your main spec)
  • number + os (i.e. 10 os, meaning you are bidding 10 DKP for your off spec)
  • max (all your DKP for a main spec piece of loot)
  • min (you’d like it, but it’s not important)

When you bid, if you bid the highest amount, you will receive the item for the 2nd highest bid +1.  So if RaiderA bids “20 ms” and RaiderB bids “33 ms,” RaiderB would get the item for 21 DKP.   Main spec bids will always be valued higher than offspec bids.  If you are rerolling for tier, please bid “5 os” – tier changes based on spec, so “5 os” will communicate to the loot master that you already have the equivalent tier piece and are rerolling. “Min” has a numerical value of 5.  You can always bid “min,” even if you have 0 or negative DKP.

Regarding Tier Tokens:  Please bid MS (whatever value you want, DKP-available, 5 or above) for your first token.  If you are wanting to acquire another, in order to try for higher ilvl and/or a socket, bid up to 10 MS.  A bid of up to 10 MS will indicate to the master looter that you already have acquired the tier piece, but are just rerolling for better stats.


Officers control the guild.  Veterans offer feedback on applicants and have access to officer chat for discussion purposes.  Raider rank is attained through player ability and availability, and accords access to raiding materials via the guild bank.  Member rank is for anyone not an officer,  veteran, or raider; any friends/family invited to guild, or veteran/raider alts, have this rank.

Behavior Policies

Drama will not be tolerated.

There are 2 rules for guild chat.

  • #1 – No politics or religion allowed in guild chat.  What you do privately is your business.  But the fastest way to drama and general misery is to discuss these 2 topics and have arguments ensue.  So keep them out of guild chat.
  • #2 – Don’t be a prat.

The GM reserves the right to boot anyone who violates these policies, regardless of guild status.  /disclaimer