We raid on Turalyon-US. We like cheese, bacon, and zombies. But I'll be honest with you – I don't remember why we like zombies?

Mythic Velhari down! 10/13M

Better later than never, eh?

Back to raiding!

When the 7.0 patch hits, we’ll be going back into Hellfire Citadel to test out all the changes Legion will be bringing to our characters.  Current/former CN raiders, please read specific information on our forum here.  If you are someone reading this from outside of guild, and would be interested in joining us, feel free…

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Recruiting for Legion!

CN has halted progression raiding for the remainder of WoD.  We will resume progression raiding whenever the next expansion rolls around.  (Please be sooner than later!  Blizzard, I’m eyeing you!)  In the mean time, we’d love to hit the ground running in Legion.  So if you’re interested in raiding with us then, contact us (or…

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9/13M – Sayonara, Fel Lord!

Congrats, us!  We suck at taking screenshots more than half the time.

8/13M – Iskar, Socrethar down!

Last night was a good night.

Selling Archimonde Kills

Do you want to kill heroic Archimonde to get the mount and achievement?  We are selling 1-2 spots each week (typically on Tuesday nights) for a reasonable cost.  If you’re interested, contact Wandappy in game.

6/13M – Gorefiend the Jigglepants is down!

Whew!  That took a while.  Congrats to us!

5/13M – Kilrogg down!

Congrats, ladies and gents!  Good to start and end this in one night.

And mythic Hellfire High Council-Smouncil is now down! 4/13M

Recruiting a dedicated healer and ranged DPS!

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