We raid on Turalyon-US. We like cheese, bacon, and zombies. But I'll be honest with you – I don't remember why we like zombies?

We really suck at taking screenshots now.

It guess it’s just been so long?   Next time we’ll try to do better!  Here’s an update on week 1 of raiding: Tuesday, Blue Bar/Server Boss Too OP! – Turalyon was one of the lucky servers affected where we could not log on and play until well, well after any reasonable raid time for members. …

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Benevolent Crab-tator!

Because we need more pictures, pretty pretty pictures!

This one’s just for you, Frump.


Are you happy now, Frumptank?

We once again have a front page to go with the forum to display whatever we want!  Or, I’m sorry, Dr. Octopusteeth.  Want to make sure I give credit where credit is due.  Text text text, andddddd Testing out a wowhead item link: 

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