We raid on Turalyon-US. We like cheese, bacon, and zombies. But I'll be honest with you – I don't remember why we like zombies?


1/7 Mythic!

It’s nice to be back in mythics again. 🙂  Onward to #2!


Dream a Little Dream, 7/7H

Thanks, everyone!  Mythics now up!

Malfurion and his true love, Cenarius

It’s always nice to see True Love in action, right?  And we’re up to 6/7H!  I’m hoping someone supplies an actual screenshot for me, otherwise…enjoy text.  (May update later, but work y’all.  I’ve got to scram.)


4/7 Heroic – Taste the Rainbow

Congrats, us!  Tuesday we downed Ursoc, and last night we pounced (feathers, you know) spidery-death upon Eledhioewrhtuew Retheresfeso and the Dragons encounter.  Tentacles, you know we’re eyeing you next.


1/7 Emerald Nightmare (H)

And once more we start the trend of sucking at screenshots.  This was sent my way though!


Well, that was fast.

Last night we cleared Emerald Nightmare normal.  Went pretty smoothly, for the most part!  Tonight we dip our toes into the fetid, twisted nightmare that is heroic.


Mythic Velhari down! 10/13M

Better later than never, eh?

Back to raiding!

When the 7.0 patch hits, we’ll be going back into Hellfire Citadel to test out all the changes Legion will be bringing to our characters.  Current/former CN raiders, please read specific information on our forum here.  If you are someone reading this from outside of guild, and would be interested in joining us, feel free…

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Recruiting for Legion!

CN has halted progression raiding for the remainder of WoD.  We will resume progression raiding whenever the next expansion rolls around.  (Please be sooner than later!  Blizzard, I’m eyeing you!)  In the mean time, we’d love to hit the ground running in Legion.  So if you’re interested in raiding with us then, contact us (or…

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