Guild Policies

Raids and Guild Activity

We raid Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7:30-10:30PM server time.  As a guild, we run an alt raid (or achievement run, depending on what people want) Saturday nights from 7:30-10:30 PM when there is interest.  People who do not actively raid progression but still want to keep their toes in raids in some form are more than welcome to attend Saturday nights.

Outside of raids, the guild has different groups of people who engage in mythic+ runs, PVP, and leveling alts (among other things).

Raider Expectations

  • Make raids!  (> 85% attendance preferred)
  • Do at least 1 mythic+ dungeon (10 or higher) each week (see Discord for assistance with this if needed)
  • Be aware of fights/encounters through whatever method words best for you, i.e. videos, streams, text.

Behavior Policies

Drama will not be tolerated.

There are 2 rules for guild chat.

  • #1 – No politics or religion allowed in guild chat.  What you do privately is your business.  But the fastest way to drama and general misery is to discuss these 2 topics and have arguments ensue.  So keep them out of guild chat.
  • #2 – Don’t be a prat.

The GM reserves the right to boot anyone who violates these policies, regardless of guild status.  /disclaimer


Within Chaotic Neutral, we are not super fancy with ranks.  They go as follows:

  • GM/Officer – We control the guild.  Those at this rank have specific jobs and purposes in the running of the guild.
  • Veteran – Veterans offer feedback on applicants and have access to officer chat for discussion purposes.  This isn’t a rank you seek to be promoted to.  It is not a reward.  It’s filled on an as-needed basis.
  • Raider – Raiders are the core of our raid.  In order to raid, we kind of need them!  Our goal is to have 25-27 raidable players going into BfA.  Less and when life happens, pulling people away (emergencies, piano recitals, etc.) results in no raid or poor raid balance.  Raider rank is attained through player ability and availability.  We expect raiders to perform at a certain level, and to be ready and available for all main raids (Tuesday/Wednesday nights).
  • Member – This rank is for Raider alts, anyone not actually raiding (former raiders), and friends/family.

Any other ranks are amorphous for amusement of the GM.