Ending progression in BfA; looking ahead to Shadowlands!

Ladies and Gents and Folx of all kinds,

CN has decided to stop raiding progression content for this tier. As this is the last tier to be released prior to Shadowlands, progression raiding in BfA is closed for now. We will still be raiding on Tuesdays — current raids for alts, older raids for mounts, etc.

Regarding recruitment: we are happy to review any applications for Shadowlands, but please be aware that, as mentioned, current raid progression is out.


Maut! 3/12M

I think I just sneezed. And this Discord pizza/lobster discussion is kind of hurting my brain.

“Pizza Hut’s our favorite chain.” / “This is the hill I die on! Fuck you!”

Onwards and…downwards into the hole?!

Parts of this raid are truly disgusting.

Thanks, Tamaira! You aren’t disgusting, unlike the hole we just cycled down into with dripping, festering idk-what all over the place.

Also, we are recruiting! We’re looking for 1 healer and 2-3 additional DPS. Fill out the app if you’re interested.

Long time, no post!

It’s nice to have a new raid to play around in. Once more, I am horribly disappointed with the aesthetics. We did 6/12H this week; I’ll take it.

We are recruiting, FYI! Looking for 1-2 healers and 2-3 DPS, with a preference for ranged DPS.

So long, Moon! We miss you already!